Manchester to the Lake District

Updated: Apr 24

This morning we went into the heart of Manchester to film a public transport vs car race from Victoria station to the Temple at the top of Heaton Park just outside the city. We were aiming to show that anyone can get out into some form of nature relatively easily and cheaply, even if they live in the center of a city. We played rock, paper, scissors in the middle of the station to decide who got to take the car and I won. We both arrived at the park at almost the same time, however I managed to get horribly lost on the way to the Temple and ended up getting stuck in a forest of rhododendrons. I eventually made it, only to discover that Ian had been sitting there for about twenty minutes waiting for me. It was a devastating loss for the car. However, we proved that you don't need a car to get into nature quickly and the tram that Ian used cost less than £2 so you don't have to break the bank either. Of course, there are other ways we could have got there like cycling, which is even better because it's free and you're getting some exercise on the way.

We were in high spirits after finishing the race, even though my feet were soaked because of the river I had to cross on my adventure to find the finish. Unfortunately, we managed to ruin our moods by leaving a camera on the roof of the car as we left the car park which promptly fell off as we were driving away. After cursing loudly in the car we went to inspect the damage and found that the lens was broken... We hadn't followed to golden rule of filmmaking, don't put ANY equipment on the roof EVER. I guess we had to learn somehow. The atmosphere in the car sunk rapidly as we thought about the financial repercussions that we were going to face when we inevitability had to get the lens repaired.

We stopped for some food and tried to think about something else. It wasn't until we reached the edge of the Lake District that we really began to feel better. It just seemed impossible to be down about anything when we were surrounded by the stunning views of the mountains and lakes basking in the glorious evening sunshine. The epic scenery quickly put our problems into perspective.

With very little plan, we stumbled across a campsite underneath the hills near Ullswater and set up for the night. I managed to cook up a pretty decent spaghetti carbonara given the sub zero conditions and only two small cooking pots, and then we wrapped ourselves up in all the clothes and sleeping bags we had and hunkered down for the night, hoping the hot water bottles we had made would fend off the cold until morning.

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