Edinburgh to Loch Lomond

Updated: Apr 24

Today got off to a rather long and frustrating start. We checked out of our room at about 10am this morning and went to pack the car. After setting up the car for another days traveling and filming we headed back into the hotel lobby to make use of their electricity and check that all of our footage was in order. It wasn't. It took the best part of the next four hours to back up and organise all of our files so that we both felt confident we weren't going to lose anything. By this time it was almost 2:30pm and we still hadn't left the hotel in Edinburgh, and we still hadn't done any washing. Gross. It was safe to say that we were somewhat behind schedule.

With only a few hours of daylight left we jumped in the car and tried to find our way out of the city and towards the Loch Lomond national park as fast as possible. Hopes were still high that we would find a camping spot and set up our tent before it got dark. We were wrong. By the time we arrived at Firkin Point next to the loch the sun was going down and it was absolutely pouring. Not our preferred conditions for tent assembly. Nevertheless, we got the tent up and our stuff inside without everything getting too soaked. Our campsite for the night was a tiny shingle beach on the edge of the water, and I mean the edge. The corner of the tent can't have been more than a metre from the lapping loch. Fortunately we didn't have any tides to worry about this time!

The next challenge was trying to fry our beefburgers without the camping stove or our tent getting swamped in the process. We managed to set up a little cooking area in the porch of the tent where the flame was far enough away from the tent material so as not to cause a fire with the tent closed (we hoped). The thought of a slightly scorched tent was preferable to al fresco dining at that point. After our gourmet burgers, rice, and sweet chilli sauce we got in our sleeping bags and read our books. We fell asleep to the sound of the rain thundering down on our little tent, ready for a sunrise paddle board.

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