Carlisle to Edinburgh

Updated: Apr 24

Today was a bit of a break day. Being almost half way through the trip Ian and I were feeling pretty exhausted so we decided to do something relaxing that we'd both enjoy. Of course, both of our minds immediately went to motorbikes. After a bit of searching online we found a vintage motorbike museum about 15 minutes outside of Carlisle.

We had a good breakfast across the road from the hotel and then we packed up and headed for the museum. The drive took us down some winding country lanes (the kind you would want a motorbike for) and eventually we arrived at a large shed covered in motoring badges like old esso adverts etc. The doors were all closed and there didn't seem to be anyone around but we saw a slab of slate leaning against the side of the shed with a phone number painted on it. Mike answered and quickly came to the front door with his lovely golden retriever Barney and let us in.

The museum turned out to be his private collection of bikes that he couldn't bring himself to sell so he thought he would invite people to see them instead. We were very glad he did because he had over 30 bikes, all in full working order for us to look at. He had some great stories about his time competing in the Isle of Man TT and although he had absolutely no interest in talking about mental health issues it was a pleasure to listen to him anyway.

We left the museum feeling very satisfied and wishing we were doing the trip on motorbikes instead.

We got horribly lost in Edinburgh trying to find our hotel and didn't manage to check in until the evening. Another day was almost over, time was moving very fast! We had a great evening walking around the city being tourists in search of Haggis, deep fried mars bars, and a whisky. With unusual success we managed to find all three quite easily and we both returned to our hotel in high spirits, ready for the next day.

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