Lantic Bay - Bristol

Updated: Apr 24

Today has been about the ocean, cars, and good conversation.

We woke up at around seven o'clock after a decent nights sleep in the tent. I would've even gone as far as saying it was a perfect sleep had we not been woken up by an icy chill seeping through our sleeping bags as our air bed deflated for the third time. In our sleepy state we were unwilling to dedicate any time to fumbling around in the dark trying to locate the microscopic tear in the fabric that was causing our discomfort.

Wasting no time, we heated up some water in last nights rice pot to make a couple of cups of starchy coffee (yes we forgot ANYTHING that could be used to wash up). Apprehensive at first about the unintentionally experimental beverage we were pleasantly surprised to find that the taste of the coffee was not noticeably affected.

After we had been warmed up by our Lava Java beans it was time to jump into the freezing cold atlantic. Stripping down to boxers we bundled into the shore break. Submerging ousrelves in the icy water really got our blood pumping and we were very much awake when we finished our sixty secind swim, ready for the day!

We got lost on Dartmoor, and took the scenic route through the beautiful Cheddar Gorge where we met some friendly mountain goats, before finally arriving in Bristol for the night. Our very gracious hosts (Ian's family friends) made us feel very welcome in their house and we even got a tour of the car collection :))))).

Dinner was a delicious pea and chorizo soup, followed by steak and chips with a creamy mushroom sauce. Yum. A very welcome change from the previous evenings plain rice and butter fried meatballs. Dinner was follwed by great conversation, Ian and I felt privalaged to hear the stories of others who have struggled with their mental health and come out the other side. It was also fantastic to talk about the project with people from different backgrounds and ages and hear their input and opinions on our film.

Great food and great people, what more could you ask for.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” - Carl Jung

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